Defender of truth and rights.

Chris Binns for Congress

A force and a voice for you in Washington DC.

Why I’m Running

When elected to Congress I will…

Perform the Constitutional requirements of a Representative, AND be a Representative who stands in the truth against all the outright lies and misinformation about Covid 19, vaccinations, masks, manmade climate change, the difference and existence of male and female. 

In addition, shine a light on and expose the vast extent of our God given Rights and debunk common popular myths. I will make every attempt to thwart the unlawful actions of big government democrats, business owners, city and county councils, school boards and the statists in the Republican party whose intentional or unintentional works are to minimize and confound the ability for a free people to exercise their God given Rights. 

Using the status, influence and publicity associated with a U.S. Representative – encourage and protect the efforts of groups like R.O.A.R. Freedom, Common Lawful of Washington, Kitsap and Kitsap Businesses for Medical Freedom, Informed Parents of Washington, CK Parents for Freedom, One Washington, Patriot Academy and the many, many groups and individuals in the 6th who have been working tirelessly to protect our Individual Rights.  

Find like-minded people in Washington D.C. who will help me expedite justice for people whose rights have been violated by promoting Common Law Courts where abundant applicable case law and precedent can be utilized. We don’t have to re-invent the lawful wheel.  Statutory courts are much slower to respond to matters of Individual, God given, constitutionally protected Rights. 

Encourage, pressure and possibly leverage Superior Courts in the district to avail themselves to adjudicating cases at Common Law.  They swore an oath to uphold the Constitution and I say we hold them to it.   I’m in for a long hard fight. I say with manly firmness, ENOUGH!

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Platform / Priorities


An economic disaster that impacts all Americans. The middle, low and fixed income earners are affected the worst.  This higher price spiral must be checked and reduced to a sane level.

  1. Enact energy policies that drive down energy prices.
  2. Pass budgets that control deficit spending, strengthen the dollar and reduce the percentage of revenue the Federal Government must spend just to service the debt.

For the most part, government policies have caused this level of inflation- and we need to implement policy that will reverse this.

Energy Independence

It was one of the driving forces in the creation of the Department of Energy. Crucial for national security, sovereignty, controlling inflation and the confidence of the American people.

  1. Utilize the natural resources of coal, natural gas, oil and hydroelectric capabilities in addition to modern nuclear power technologies to produce electricity and supply fuel for consumers.

As the demand for energy grows, it is wise that the American people have an abundance of different, reliable energy sources to control costs, avoid rolling blackouts, maintain our standard of living and promote economic growth.

Courts / Law / Rights / Justice

The Judicial system in its current manifestation is too slow at litigating matters of law and unnecessarily harmful in settling matters of rights.

  1. Provide funding for courts to adjudicate matters in Common Law – Case Law courts.
  2. Increase funding for prosecutors, public defenders, jail space, court houses and correction officers etc. on the federal and state levels where appropriate.

Common Law courts will lower expenses for the plaintiff as the need for an attorney will be lessened and remedy will occur faster as the case is resolved by established precedent rather than lengthy litigation. As the population has grown, so has the need for more resources to become available in the administration of justice.


People need to know that the law is being applied equally to all or they will lose faith in their institutions, rationalize their own bad behavior and tolerate corruption and graft etc. in the belief that everyone is doing it -so the law doesn’t matter.

  1. Have the Justice department start filing charges against government personal where there is probable cause of conspiracy, corruption, perjury and graft etc.
  2. As allowable by the Constitution, fund states and communities so that justice can be established -rather than law breaking going unpunished for lack of resources.
  3. Keep the Federal government out of local police matters as is proper.
  4. Direct funding for the mentally ill where appropriate.

The increased capacity to ensure justice is necessary as the country’s population has grown. Self- control seems less apparent. Porous borders with illegal aliens, and the proliferation and consumption of powerful addictive drugs that has too many people acting out of their minds. There are consequences if we do not enforce our laws.

Election Integrity

Election Integrity.  The percentage of legal voters who have concerns about fraud and rigged counts is way too high-this must be addressed.

  1. States must follow the U.S. Constitution in national elections.
  2. Over emphasis on ability to vote and under emphasis on secure and accurate results.

We need to identify security and integrity lapses and encourage states to adopt measures that will instill confidence in the results. People need assurances that they won and lost, fair and square.

About Chris

Biography – Born in Seattle 1957. Grew up in a military family with 5 brothers. Graduated from Bainbridge Island High School in 1975.  Attended Columbia Basin Community College on a partial football scholarship for one quarter and joined the United States Marine Corps and served 3 years.  Attended Seattle Central Community Collage and the Trident Institute for Marine Technology and received an Associate in Marine Engineering.

 In June 1982 I got a job on an Alaska crabfishing boat and did that for the next 7 years. Was a Merchant Mariner sailing on coastal tankers for 18 months and as member of the Sailor’s Union of the Pacific.  Went back to crab fishing until 1996 when I hired on as an able-bodied seaman with the Washington State Ferries where I worked until October 2021. Member of the Inlandboatmen’s Union of the Pacific. 

Married, father of 5 and 3 step children.  Lived in Kitsap County most of my adult life from Olalla to Kingston. Currently a homeowner in Port Orchard where I have Lived since 2010.   I attend and serve Christ the Rock Community Church.

My main interest these days is securing the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and to our Posterity. 

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We hold these truths to be self- evident…that’s a powerful statement. An important statement – as the sentence will continue to elaborate what is self- evident and the rest of the Declaration will proceed with many, many, commonly held truths and beliefs that the Founders would sign their name to and effectively sign their own death warrant. 

I love the truth.  I’m sure many of you do too.  But we, as individuals, and as a nation are challenged in many ways the Founders were not, in determining what the truth is.  They got the truth from the Bible, history, lively debates and discussions, and observing natural law.  We are immersed in so many types of communication and information and much of it is unreliable and certainly not the truth.  Perhaps, so much data coming in that we’re forgetting the self-evident and commonly held truths that are essential in keeping people united. E Pluribus Unum.  Out of many, one. Forgetting, or just not learning the truth is dividing this nation like we’ve never seen.

Look how the pandemic affected us. Families, friends, co-workers and neighbors divided.  The truth about the relationship between government[s] and God given rights in dispute.  The love and knowledge of the self-evident, eternal and commonly- held truths are at an ebb. Some contributing factors are, an elevated value placed on “my truth”, acceptance of misinformation and falsehood as fact, and willing self- deception for whatever untoward reason.  Well, this is not good. What can be done by the truth loving, good people of this district and nation? 

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Well, we say we love the children…let’s act like it.  It’s important we start there, as they are the future.  Take them back to the people who were part of the Enlightenment.  The Founders. We tell them they don’t get to take much issue with anything until they know as much about God, Natural Law, human nature, economics, governance and rights etc. as they did. And because we love them, we teach them.  They’ll discover that the truth doesn’t change much and that some are eternal and self-evident. We elect people at all levels of government who will not fund any of the collective, socialist-Marxist claptrap that is anathema to self- government and individual responsibility. All the critical race, diversity, inclusion, equity, gender identity, homosexuality promoting curriculum gone.  On the Federal level, expanded, robust curriculum that examines our heritage through the lens of original documents, letters, the Federalist Papers and the like. Have the Ad council, NPR, PBS and the like used in productive manners to regularly promote the truths of this nation, and why it is good- in their programming, commercials etc.?  The truth is…that the freedom, liberty and truth we know and can teach our children we received from the Providential hand of God. That knowledge must be preserved. The Founders received their authority from the good people.  If we, in our individual and actions as a nation are steadfast in the truth – we’ll retain that authority.